Configuring Metamask Wallet for Songbird/Flare Network

Install Metamask

With MetaMask Wallet, you can access your $SGB and $WSGB tokens by connecting to the Songbird Network, by following the following steps.

First of all, you have to install Metamask wallet. You can download it here.

Configure Metamask to connect to Songbird Network

Once installed you need to import your current wallet or create a new one. From the top-right corner drop down, you can select the network to use. By default Metamask connects to Ethereum Mainnet. In order to add Songbird Network you need to select “Custom RPC” at the bottom of the list. Once selected you have to compile a form with the following values:

Network Name: Songbird
Chain ID: 19
Currency Symbol (optional): SGB
Block Explorer URL (optional):

You’ll now see Songbird in the network dropdown menu: congrats! you have successfully set up the Songbird Network and your Metamask Wallet. The Songbird wallet display your $SGB token balance. While still in the “Assets” tab, scroll to the bottom and select “Don’t see yout token? Import tokens” so you can add $WSGB. In the address field you need to enter: 0x02f0826ef6aD107Cfc861152B32B52fD11BaB9ED The Token Symbol and Token Decimal will automatically populate with WSGB and 18. Click “Next” then “Add Tokens”. If you select “Songbird” you’ll see a dropdown box where you can change between networks as required.

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